Kicksmith Academy

Everything you need to plan, build and grow your business using Squarespace for less than $1 per day!

Solopreneurs, creative rockstars, freedom business builders and freelancers who love Squarespace... this is for you.

For less than a $1 per day, you can get access to the latest how to hacks, tutorials and template tweaks so you can run your business on Squarespace.

  • Tired of searching on Youtube for Squarespace tutorials and wasting your time… and patience?
  • Sick of signing up for downloads, .pdfs, workbooks and webinars leaving you like they’re only giving you half the story?
  • And you can’t afford the $300 courses out there because money is tight?

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if you went from zero to launch in one weekend, had the full blueprint to plan, build and grow your business AND all for less than a dollar a day?
If you’d like to make more money doing what you love, without going round in circles then this is the most important message you’ll read.

Here’s why…

This is the Kicksmith Academy - The ONLY Business Academy for Squarespace Users.

This truly is the ALL IN ONE SOLUTION to build your website and your business using Squarespace.

We’re not just here to make it look pretty, this is about building something that brings in the cash AND makes your business it easy to build with monthly tutorials.

Your Instructor


My name is Carolynne and I help struggling freelancers, solopreneur and creative rockstars build epic Squarespace websites and their businesses without overwhelm.

Over the last ten years, I've build too many sites to count and a good handful of businesses that have rocked the online world. I fell in love with Squarespace as a weapon of choice for my companies and my Client's websites.

When I was starting out, I was broke, overwhelmed and just utterly confused to how to build my business.
There weren’t many Squarespace tutorials out there, the courses were far too expensive for me to afford and well… I was just so tired of trying after seeing others succeed.
Gorgeous websites, epic sales pages, blogs full of useful tips and tricks, photography to die for…
I was stuck trying to build my site and my business using a bog-standard Squarespace templates and a bunch of free downloaded workbooks.
Remember, I was utterly broke so even a $47 course was crazy to me.
I even went back to using Wordpress just to make it cheaper and easier because all the business blogs were using it.
But, just like you, I loved Squarespace and I was back.
I was determined to make my business work using Squarespace so I started tweaking templates, building epic sales pages, customising code and making Squarespace my b!tch!!
And not only that I do it for my Clients too.


I believe in sharing everything I do.

I am constantly learning, tweaking and geeking with Squarespace and whatever I learn, I share. It's why I build courses, to Empower Entrepreneurs Everywhere.

But who cares? What’s in it for you?

Well, each month, I’ll be sharing the tweak, tips, how tos and business building tutorials I use for my business and for my clients.
All wrapped up in the Kicksmith Academy.

Squarespace + Business Building = Kicksmith Academy

The ONLY Business Academy for Squarespace Users.

Get started now!

Every month,

  • We focus on one part of your business and why it’s important in the Master Class so you can focus on one part per month without getting overwhelmed.
  • We plan it out using your Printable Planner so you can see how it works for you and you always have a reference to what (and why) you’re building it.
  • I show you how it’s done and you can build along with me.
  • I show you how I do it in my business so you can see how it works in real life and how it can work for you!
  • Then if you have any questions, I will answer them in the monthly coaching call*

You get EXTRAS worth over $150 just for signing up and yours to keep even if you cancel!!
  • The Zero to Launch Squarespace Course - Worth $97 if you buy it alone!!
  • Squarespace Mini-Course - Worth $47
  • Squarespace Course Workbook - Worth $17

*I charge $45 per hour to jump on a call and troubleshoot with my clients so you’re getting a bargain for your monthly subscription fee 😉

Courses Included with Purchase

Academy - September Edition
September's Edition of The Kicksmith Academy
Carolynne Alexander
Zero to Launch on Squarespace
Want to build your Squarespace website fast and get your first sale?
Carolynne Alexander
Learn Squarespace - Mini Course
​Introducing Squarespace Cover Pages 2017 edition - The fastest way to learn the Squarespace interface using Squarespace Cover Pages.

Original Price: $97


All that for less than $1 per day.

For the price of a stick of gum, you can have a new website, a business that brings in cash and you'll have access to this and more!

Or You can pay $45 for an hour of my time us or you get all of this and more for a dollar a day.
You can’t even buy a coffee for that and you’re getting a full blown business and Squarespace academy! I must be mad!
But I’m not, I just know how frustrating it is to want to build something but not have the cash to spend to find out how.
And that’s my pledge to you, to bring the best of what I’ve learnt to you each month for $30.
Zero risk, dive in, take look and if it’s not for you can cancel at anytime.
Hell, you even get to keep the .pdf version of my Squarespace Course I charge $97 for if cancel after a single month!!
No questions asked - Just cancel and no hard feelings.


Each month, you’ll get;
  • Week 1 - A quick start Business Masterclass - Branding, Sales Pages, Marketing, Product Development… it’s all in there!
  • Week 2 - A Backstage Pass behind the scenes of how I build my business using Squarespace - I show you around how I do what I do.
  • Week 3 - A Squarespace implementation Tutorial - How to hacks and template tweaks to make your website truly your own using that you’ve learnt in the masterclass.
  • Week 4 - Q&A Session where you can jump pin and ask questions on what you have learnt

How do I get access?

All this is delivered via Teachable so you always have access to the videos, workbooks and downloads.
Who this isn’t for…
If you want to sign up and you’re not sure… here’s who it isn’t for…
Now, this is only offered to those peeps who have signed up for the FREE ACADEMY because those guys are the action takers.
And action takers are the ones who build momentum and will win in business.
If you’re not a fan of doing the work then this isn’t for you.
Who else?
Well, because this is a Squarespace focused Academy then it’s not suitable for people using other platforms.

You can sign up and get the business bits… they’re good but the Squarespace stuff… not for you!

So if you are serious about planning, building and growing your business using Squarespace then this is the time to sign-up.

As of today (4th August 2017), this is the lowest that this subscription will ever be because of one big reason.
I love to overdeliver!!!
And as the subscription grows and becomes more value packed with tutorials, courses, workbooks and downloads, the price will go up in late 2017.


Squarespace + Business Building = Kicksmith Academy

The ONLY Business Academy for Squarespace Users.

Get started now!

P.S. If you just read the PS then you're like me. The deets are…
Monthly Subscription to the Kicksmith Academy - The ONLY Business Academy for Squarespace Users.

For freelancer, solopreneurs and creative rockstars who want build their business using Squarespace.